Wednesday, April 28, 2010

28th of April

Today ...

Besides the fact that today was going to be useless like every other school day this week it wasn't as bad as yesterday. I can't seem to do anyhting right ever. I expect it off that bitch in school but I don't expect it off my Family Betty had an agrument with Amy early yesterday morning and she was in a shitty mood and took it out on me. Not the usual way she takes it out on me just a fraction of that but it didn't mean it didn't hurt. I did Not speak one word to her today in school, i ignored the lot of them and stayed with lauren and Rosie and them .... I'm nearly getting the balance right with my "friends". Not the others the oldies from last year. My and holy had a kinda heart to heart today and Leah went to hug me and I awkwardly walked away thinking why would she want to hug me ? Feel like an idiot. Feeling dizzy again it sucks and I have a mountain of Irish homework and A french opinion so i best get off the computer !

Chat soon I hope .....

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