Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Future Housewive

I felt like a real housewive today it was weird. I always tell myself that I don’t want kids and I don’t want to get married but sometimes I wonder. Today and like a lot of others day I get a look into how my life would be if I had a family life. The morning started by a greeting of my lil sister Chloe she jumped on me ! lol Michael my cousin who I am very close to picked Chloe up an brought her to school. My mam dropped Mary off to school on her way into town she was going to meet my stepdad there and then go to visit their sick friend in hospital they were gone the whold day… anyways I started to clean the house and as I was done I took a shower and then Michael arrived home with Mary from School. I made Michael coffee and pancakes (it was pancake Tuesday) and mary of course lol. Then Michael went to pick chloe up while he was gone I cleaned up after the pancakes and decided I would watch tv but by the time I got to sit down Michael was back with Chloe and more pancakes were demaded. Again I had to clean up after the pancakes and then came dinner. It seemed my whole day was wrapped around feeding the kids ! Weird How your life can change for the day haha. Then after dinner it was movie time I had promised I would watch Hannah montana the movie with them,then it was get them to bed time and for me more cleaning up after them. Can people see why I don’t want to have kids I don’t want my highlight of my whole day to be watching Hannah Montana. I suppose its nice to spend time with my lil sisters and moments when we laugh together when I mind them etc are precious and I should be gratefull and I am I just don’t think I could to that everyday for 18 years and more per child that I have ! Its not a great life to look forward to but I will derfinatly consider having one child I have the fear that I will keep going though. But if Im happy it will be great ! J

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