Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Perfect Man

Edward Cullen seems to be the definition of the perfect man In many teens eyes today across the globe, well not only teens we have all seen the twi moms !! J Many average/ great guys are all wondering why Edward Cullen is the Perfect Man …. Well I can tell you why !! He truly loves Bella more than anything in the whole world and he will do anything for her. He knows how to treat her and he knows who she is and loves her for everything she is. I think a lot of people forget about the fact that Edward is a vampire and when they do remember think … ah well ! He is truly a great person. Is this what people have to resort to today ?? if you want a guy that will be the perfect man, you have to find a vampire cause no one else will do it right ?? It seems a bit far fetched but Edward didn’t have to be a vampire, twilight would be still twilight with out the vampires I recon people would still read the books if it was a simple love story because it’s hope that someday you will find your own Edward cullen, someone who will love you as much as Edward loves bell and vice versa. Gosh im blabbering again ! But then again if Edward Cullen the sexy, loving, down to earth vampire called to my door wanting to love me for eternity I wouldn’t turn the offer down.

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