Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Mam comes from a big family. 9 children! Her brother lets call him Mark, is manager in a pub in newbridge where my school is. My step dad lets call him John got offered a job off Mark a couple of months back. So John took the Job as head chef serving food duh ! lol Mark used to work in a big hotel in Clane which is also in county Kildare, he thinks that he knows everything about catering and everything and im not saying he doesnt know stuff but sometimes he just has to admit he is wrong ! John worked 7 days a week and we barely saw him even when he was at home he was doing stuff to do with work. John confronted mark and said that he needed to be paid for the hours he worked and he needed some days off too. Mark said that the pub couldnt afford to pay John any more money and couldnt afford to pay another chef to help him cook and take over on his days off.
John accepted this beleived that mark would be telling the truth and moved on nothing more was said.Bascically for the last couple of months mark has walked all over john and John is getting sick of it. Soon all the hard work and stress started to effect John and he soon became ill he had high collestorol and he had the flu. He had to take some time off work. He rang mark and mark said yeah sure talk as much time as u need I will hire someone to look after the kitchen. agian mark said that he couldnt afford to pay him because he would have to pay the other chef while john was out. John again didnt say anything and let life go on. In the meantime while john was absent from work marks wife called louise called my mam (cathy) and started to argue with her saying that john was too hard to work with and if he wasnt happy with his job that maybe he should just give up and find somewhere else to work and stop being a chef all together. (John has being cooking since he was in school and john is 41 years old why would he give up now ?) Lousie was way out of line. She then went on to say that Johns food was really bad and thats another reason why he should give up. ( the pub has never got a complaint about the food, it has only got compliments) My mam just told her its nothing to do with me or you its to do with the pub keep buisness buisness. When John was feeling better he went back into work on the monday to resume work. He asked could he have the tuesday off because he had to bring my sister to the hospital ( she has cerebral palsy ) for an appointment. He aslo asked if he was going to get paid the over time that he was owed and the holiday pay. Mark said I have no option but to fire you! Your food isnt up to standard and I cant work with you.

This is a prob that I have to deal with right now my cousins are getting invloved and so is the family !

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