Thursday, February 11, 2010

Here it goes.

I live in a small village in Ireland. My parents are seperated and I they have been for something like 7 years. They both have partners. I have one brother, and I have a step brother (my stepdads son from previous marridge). I have two half sisters also they are my mams children with my stepdad) My brother is 19, my stepbrother is 10, my half sisters are 6 and 4, And I'am 16 years old.

I spend my weekdays with my mam and my weekends with my dad. Sometimes its hard because I dont get to see my brothers and sisters all weekend and I love them so much. The reason Im telling you this is because I'm sure you will need to know for future blogs ! lol

If there is one thing you should know about me is dont dis Twilight, I fell in love with the characters and the books when I first read them two years ago, (its been that long woah ), I dont particularly love the films as much as the books but they are still good all the same. :)

I am in 5th year in The holy Family secondary school in newbridge co kildare. I hate the school and and the people in it lets just say there is nothing holy about the people that attend my school. There is another secondary school accross the road from our school its an all boys school! Wupps forgot to mention that my school is also a non-mixed school. I dont like non-mixed schools not because I go to one but because of the way I feel around guys. I just dont know how to talk to them because im never around them, what I mean is i find it hard to be friends with guys not that I want them to be my boyfriend all the time but..... i think you get the picture! lol
I find 5th year hard its a big leap from 3rd year, as my cousin Amy said today 5th year should be called 6A as in the first part of your leaving cert. Education in Ireland is a joke anyways. When you leave school and do your exams you get rewarded points for the grade you get. Then the points indicate if u can apply for a college course or not. But heres the catch when u apply for a course there could be high points but thats not because you have to be smart to do the subject but because of the popularity of the course ! I hope that made sense !! lol

Oh god im blabbering about nothing ..... Thats one of my talents I can talk a lot.

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