Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Breaking Dawn

The last twilight Saga book is called Breaking Dawn. If you don’t know what the Twilight Saga is leave my blog now !! Lol ( do u live under a rock ? ). Breaking Dawn is currently being made into a film they havnt started filming yet but they are getting the scripts ready etc. I wish they would make the book into two films. One cause that’s another film and two cause the book is so long and there is so much detail and scenes that the directors have to put in if they make one film all the scenes wont make it to the film. The whole point of the films ( besides the money aspect ) is to satisfly the fans with a visual aspect to the books. I think Chris Weitz and the fellow crew members of the Twilight Saga should ask the fans how they feel about the whole thing because we are the ones paying them technically. We paid for Twilight, New Moon and soon will pay for Eclipse why should we pay when really we are not happy ? Breaking Dawn was such an amazing book. I loved the way it was going through “normal life for vampires …. Etc.

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