Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Future Housewive

I felt like a real housewive today it was weird. I always tell myself that I don’t want kids and I don’t want to get married but sometimes I wonder. Today and like a lot of others day I get a look into how my life would be if I had a family life. The morning started by a greeting of my lil sister Chloe she jumped on me ! lol Michael my cousin who I am very close to picked Chloe up an brought her to school. My mam dropped Mary off to school on her way into town she was going to meet my stepdad there and then go to visit their sick friend in hospital they were gone the whold day… anyways I started to clean the house and as I was done I took a shower and then Michael arrived home with Mary from School. I made Michael coffee and pancakes (it was pancake Tuesday) and mary of course lol. Then Michael went to pick chloe up while he was gone I cleaned up after the pancakes and decided I would watch tv but by the time I got to sit down Michael was back with Chloe and more pancakes were demaded. Again I had to clean up after the pancakes and then came dinner. It seemed my whole day was wrapped around feeding the kids ! Weird How your life can change for the day haha. Then after dinner it was movie time I had promised I would watch Hannah montana the movie with them,then it was get them to bed time and for me more cleaning up after them. Can people see why I don’t want to have kids I don’t want my highlight of my whole day to be watching Hannah Montana. I suppose its nice to spend time with my lil sisters and moments when we laugh together when I mind them etc are precious and I should be gratefull and I am I just don’t think I could to that everyday for 18 years and more per child that I have ! Its not a great life to look forward to but I will derfinatly consider having one child I have the fear that I will keep going though. But if Im happy it will be great ! J

Breaking Dawn

The last twilight Saga book is called Breaking Dawn. If you don’t know what the Twilight Saga is leave my blog now !! Lol ( do u live under a rock ? ). Breaking Dawn is currently being made into a film they havnt started filming yet but they are getting the scripts ready etc. I wish they would make the book into two films. One cause that’s another film and two cause the book is so long and there is so much detail and scenes that the directors have to put in if they make one film all the scenes wont make it to the film. The whole point of the films ( besides the money aspect ) is to satisfly the fans with a visual aspect to the books. I think Chris Weitz and the fellow crew members of the Twilight Saga should ask the fans how they feel about the whole thing because we are the ones paying them technically. We paid for Twilight, New Moon and soon will pay for Eclipse why should we pay when really we are not happy ? Breaking Dawn was such an amazing book. I loved the way it was going through “normal life for vampires …. Etc.

The Perfect Man

Edward Cullen seems to be the definition of the perfect man In many teens eyes today across the globe, well not only teens we have all seen the twi moms !! J Many average/ great guys are all wondering why Edward Cullen is the Perfect Man …. Well I can tell you why !! He truly loves Bella more than anything in the whole world and he will do anything for her. He knows how to treat her and he knows who she is and loves her for everything she is. I think a lot of people forget about the fact that Edward is a vampire and when they do remember think … ah well ! He is truly a great person. Is this what people have to resort to today ?? if you want a guy that will be the perfect man, you have to find a vampire cause no one else will do it right ?? It seems a bit far fetched but Edward didn’t have to be a vampire, twilight would be still twilight with out the vampires I recon people would still read the books if it was a simple love story because it’s hope that someday you will find your own Edward cullen, someone who will love you as much as Edward loves bell and vice versa. Gosh im blabbering again ! But then again if Edward Cullen the sexy, loving, down to earth vampire called to my door wanting to love me for eternity I wouldn’t turn the offer down.

How tv influences relationships and various other things

In desperate housewives Julie Meyers has an affair with an older man. Isn’t it funny how people feel that some people are too old for other people? I recently had a relationship with a 19 year old and im 16; it was seen as he was way too old for me but age gaps that are much bigger in other places. In the show desperate housewives Julie is 23 she is seeing a married man, having an affair, people might say that television shouldn’t cloud our views but in fact the telly does as much as people might think that TV doesn’t cloud our views it does. Programs like desperate housewives as much as I love them, the influence in the wrong way, for example bre is having an affair with Carl and the program makes the affair look ok because Orson refuses to divorce bre where in my eyes he is trying to make his marriage work is that so wrong? Everybody makes mistakes and bre shouldn’t break a wedding vow and have an affair with Carl and make it look acceptable to all who view the show because even though we don’t want to think it television influences our views and our decisions. As a sixteen year old girl living in Ireland I feel that television influences us greatly, when I was a size 8/10 I felt I was fat, now I am over weight and I look back and wish I was back to the size I was before. I knew deep down that I wasn’t overly huge and my family told me I was skinny so I ate what I wanted, I didn’t think I would get any bigger im now a size 14 I went up like 3 well 2 and a bit sizes depending on where I buy my clothes !! But I’m more comfortable with my weight now than I ever was. Which I feel is another issue that I have to face in Ireland, being over weight is common and accepted but that’s an issue for another day ! lol

Thursday, February 11, 2010

How I feel right at this very moment.

  1. having, expressing, or showing low spirits or sorrow; unhappy; mournful; sorrowful
  2. causing or characterized by dejection, melancholy, or sorrow
  3. dark or dull in color; drab
  4. Informal very bad; deplorable
  5. Dialectal heavy or soggy a sad cake
Im the one who is seen as the bitch. They dont know me that long, they never heard of the bitchy things she has done to me in the past the can only see the present and im the bitch. She ignores me in school and jokes about me behind my back when im gone,She attacks me on twitter and when I confront her about it she says they are not about me but I know deep down they are. But when it comes to the weekend I get a phone call from her asking to stay over. We have great craic and it seems ok but then we have shcool on monday and all the bad feelings come back to haunt me !
My Mam comes from a big family. 9 children! Her brother lets call him Mark, is manager in a pub in newbridge where my school is. My step dad lets call him John got offered a job off Mark a couple of months back. So John took the Job as head chef serving food duh ! lol Mark used to work in a big hotel in Clane which is also in county Kildare, he thinks that he knows everything about catering and everything and im not saying he doesnt know stuff but sometimes he just has to admit he is wrong ! John worked 7 days a week and we barely saw him even when he was at home he was doing stuff to do with work. John confronted mark and said that he needed to be paid for the hours he worked and he needed some days off too. Mark said that the pub couldnt afford to pay John any more money and couldnt afford to pay another chef to help him cook and take over on his days off.
John accepted this beleived that mark would be telling the truth and moved on nothing more was said.Bascically for the last couple of months mark has walked all over john and John is getting sick of it. Soon all the hard work and stress started to effect John and he soon became ill he had high collestorol and he had the flu. He had to take some time off work. He rang mark and mark said yeah sure talk as much time as u need I will hire someone to look after the kitchen. agian mark said that he couldnt afford to pay him because he would have to pay the other chef while john was out. John again didnt say anything and let life go on. In the meantime while john was absent from work marks wife called louise called my mam (cathy) and started to argue with her saying that john was too hard to work with and if he wasnt happy with his job that maybe he should just give up and find somewhere else to work and stop being a chef all together. (John has being cooking since he was in school and john is 41 years old why would he give up now ?) Lousie was way out of line. She then went on to say that Johns food was really bad and thats another reason why he should give up. ( the pub has never got a complaint about the food, it has only got compliments) My mam just told her its nothing to do with me or you its to do with the pub keep buisness buisness. When John was feeling better he went back into work on the monday to resume work. He asked could he have the tuesday off because he had to bring my sister to the hospital ( she has cerebral palsy ) for an appointment. He aslo asked if he was going to get paid the over time that he was owed and the holiday pay. Mark said I have no option but to fire you! Your food isnt up to standard and I cant work with you.

This is a prob that I have to deal with right now my cousins are getting invloved and so is the family !

Here it goes.

I live in a small village in Ireland. My parents are seperated and I they have been for something like 7 years. They both have partners. I have one brother, and I have a step brother (my stepdads son from previous marridge). I have two half sisters also they are my mams children with my stepdad) My brother is 19, my stepbrother is 10, my half sisters are 6 and 4, And I'am 16 years old.

I spend my weekdays with my mam and my weekends with my dad. Sometimes its hard because I dont get to see my brothers and sisters all weekend and I love them so much. The reason Im telling you this is because I'm sure you will need to know for future blogs ! lol

If there is one thing you should know about me is dont dis Twilight, I fell in love with the characters and the books when I first read them two years ago, (its been that long woah ), I dont particularly love the films as much as the books but they are still good all the same. :)

I am in 5th year in The holy Family secondary school in newbridge co kildare. I hate the school and and the people in it lets just say there is nothing holy about the people that attend my school. There is another secondary school accross the road from our school its an all boys school! Wupps forgot to mention that my school is also a non-mixed school. I dont like non-mixed schools not because I go to one but because of the way I feel around guys. I just dont know how to talk to them because im never around them, what I mean is i find it hard to be friends with guys not that I want them to be my boyfriend all the time but..... i think you get the picture! lol
I find 5th year hard its a big leap from 3rd year, as my cousin Amy said today 5th year should be called 6A as in the first part of your leaving cert. Education in Ireland is a joke anyways. When you leave school and do your exams you get rewarded points for the grade you get. Then the points indicate if u can apply for a college course or not. But heres the catch when u apply for a course there could be high points but thats not because you have to be smart to do the subject but because of the popularity of the course ! I hope that made sense !! lol

Oh god im blabbering about nothing ..... Thats one of my talents I can talk a lot.

My first Blog !

Its interesting how life turns out for people, for me I know its never going to be what I expect, its going to be the complete opposite to what I want. As the saying goes you cant always get what you want.

This blog is going to be my life for the next couple of months. I need someone to listen to what I have to say and this blog seems to be my only option because everyone else speaks, but never listens. I could just imagine what other people think but my new rule in life is I dont care what they think, i mean that in the nicest way possible.

So here it goes form this blog on, You will hear my life story.......