Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How tv influences relationships and various other things

In desperate housewives Julie Meyers has an affair with an older man. Isn’t it funny how people feel that some people are too old for other people? I recently had a relationship with a 19 year old and im 16; it was seen as he was way too old for me but age gaps that are much bigger in other places. In the show desperate housewives Julie is 23 she is seeing a married man, having an affair, people might say that television shouldn’t cloud our views but in fact the telly does as much as people might think that TV doesn’t cloud our views it does. Programs like desperate housewives as much as I love them, the influence in the wrong way, for example bre is having an affair with Carl and the program makes the affair look ok because Orson refuses to divorce bre where in my eyes he is trying to make his marriage work is that so wrong? Everybody makes mistakes and bre shouldn’t break a wedding vow and have an affair with Carl and make it look acceptable to all who view the show because even though we don’t want to think it television influences our views and our decisions. As a sixteen year old girl living in Ireland I feel that television influences us greatly, when I was a size 8/10 I felt I was fat, now I am over weight and I look back and wish I was back to the size I was before. I knew deep down that I wasn’t overly huge and my family told me I was skinny so I ate what I wanted, I didn’t think I would get any bigger im now a size 14 I went up like 3 well 2 and a bit sizes depending on where I buy my clothes !! But I’m more comfortable with my weight now than I ever was. Which I feel is another issue that I have to face in Ireland, being over weight is common and accepted but that’s an issue for another day ! lol

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